Moorestown Improvement AssociationSince 1904, the Moorestown Improvement Association has been working to improve the quality of life in Moorestown, N.J.

Following is a chronological list of the highlights of those achievements in the Association’s first 100 years:

Chronological Record of Achievements

  • 1904 Year of origin … published free, monthly newspaper called Village Improvement
  • 1905 Replaced Boardwalks with the first concrete sidewalks
  • 1907 Planted Shade Trees: Program continues to present day
  • 1909 Installed and maintained all street signs until 1922
  • Sponsored annual flower shows
  • Incorporated for the purpose of buying Mannion property for a public park on Second Street and Camden Avenue.
  • Made first payment on Roberts brothers three acre property on South Church for athletic field, which ultimately was bought by the township in 1917.
  • 1910 Purchased and landscaped the triangular lot at Second Street and Camden Avenue, which was turned over to the township in 1918 and later became a war memorial park for those Moorestonians who had died in the service of their country during World War I.
  • MIA Promotes Clean-Up Day in 19131912 Started waterworks system with the sinking of the first artesian wells and erected first water tank which became the source of pure water supply.
  • 1913 Instituted rubbish removal program, taken over by the township in 1940.
  • Shade Tree Committee’s resolution to Township Committee to plant, preserve and protect trees.
  • Started annual clean-up day campaign for entire town.
  • Helped build curbs and replaced worn-out sidewalks.
  • 1914 Operated first public movies in Town Hall at the suggestion of the Council of the Church Federation.
  • 1923 Fought infestation of Japanese beetles by a program of spraying.
  • Purchased carload of Rhododendrons to be sold at cost to citizens for purpose of town beautification.
  • Launched campaign for zoning and building codes.
  • 1927 Became concerned with Town Planning concept in relation to traffic and parking.
  • 1931 Established first link of proposed Township Park System at Church Street and Pleasant Valley Avenue. Work specifically designated as an aid to Township Relief Programs. Unemployed given work cleaning vacant lots, clearing Club Estates’ woods and maintaining Waterworks Parks.
  • 1932 Generated action on acquiring new Post Office building.
  • 1933 Shade Tree Committee released initial plans to develop Strawbridge Park.
  • 1937 Planned and negotiated transforming the swampland of Hooten Creek into Strawbridge Park. Actual work begun by W.P.A.
  • 1948 Financed and conducted all the research and surveys necessary to implement the present zoning law.
  • 1950 Sponsored the establishment of the Township Planning Board.
  • 1953 Town Council/Manager plan under Faulkner Act studied and the recommended equalization of tax assessment became a reality.
  • 1954 Helped to divert Route 295, originally planned to bisect Moorestown.
  • 1965 Resisted removal of the Post Office from its present location.
  • 1967 M.I.A. campaign for Town Council/Manager plan succeeded; voters adopted form of government as recommended by Charter Study Commission.
  • Industrial Council, established as unit of M.I.A., studied possibility of Pompeston Creek Park.
  • 1969 Petitions circulated for fluoridation of water.
    Supported action to locate high speed line on edge of town.
  • 1970 Financial support of Historical Society towards purchase of Smith-Cadbury Mansion.
  • Renewed Successful Campaign against high-rise apartments.
  • 1974 Initiated and produced multi-media Bicentennial presentation, “Moorestown
    1976 Past, Present and Future” shown at the Moorestown Library during 1976.
  • 1983 Conducted seminars on historic styles of architecture with architectural historian as resource person.
  • 1984 -1990 Research for and preparation of the registration form to nominate the Moorestown historic district to the national register of historic places.
  • mia_watertower1991 Moorestown historic district placed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic places.
  • 1991 – 1992 Provided major support to the Save Stokes Hill project.
  • 1992 Published a 32 page guide book – ‘A Walking Tour in the Moorestown Historic District’ – and established tours’.
  • 1993 – 2000 Provided major support to the restoration of Strawbridge Lake project.
  • 1993 Published a free pamphlet – ‘Moorestown NJ Tree City USA’.
  • 1998 Established annual scholarship for a Moorestown High School student.
  • 2000 Provided funds to purchase plants for Spring and Fall refurbishing of the banks and floodplain of Strawbridge Lake. Initial plantings covered 600 feet.
  • 2001 Continued scholarships.
  • Provided funds to township for new shade trees at curbs.
  • 2002 Awarded $1000 scholarship to Christina Procacci.
  • 2002 Provided funds to township for new shade trees at curbs.
  • The 98th annual dinner meeting of the Moorestown Improvement Association held on April 26, 2002 presented “The Tallman House as a Catalyst for Historic Preservation in Moorestown” as its the topic. Speakers comprised Louis Coligouri, Thomas Parkinson, and Pamela Parkinson.
  • 2003 Awarded $1000 scholarship to Andrea Lane and Allison McGuigan.
  • 2003 Provided funds to township for new shade trees at curbs.
  • 2003 Financial contributions for Arbor Day Holly tree and Community Link Remembrance Park.
  • 99th Annual Meeting.
    Speaker: Cliff Pfleider, Park and Tree Foreman – “Are your trees in Jeopardy?” Bacterial Leaf Scorch and Other Issues.
  • 2004 Awarded $1000 scholarship to two Moorestown High School Seniors.
  • 2004 Provided funds to township for new shade trees at curbs.